Building Value from Good Ideas

Investling is a small investment group that loves building value from good ideas.

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The world is changing crazy fast, and the change is only going to get faster. We want to keep evolving and changing with it, soaking up the insights that help us work out where our value adds can be.

Some of our favourite concepts are Agile Development, Lean Thinking, Theory of Constraints and Disruptive Principles. But there are loads more valuable insights beyond just these.

We've built a framework to house most of our favourite learning, and modestly named it our Theory Of Everything (TOE). The hope is that with better context and recall, we become more able to embed and then implement the learning.

Feel free to dive in and have a play, or even try it out on your next major project. If you see holes that you might help fill, we'd love to hear from you. And if it's changed next time you check in, we're just trying to keep pace with this exciting world we live in.

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